realization #1

First wave of “ohmagosh I am going to graduate and I will rarely or never again see many of my best friends” hit me as I was doing the dishes this evening. (Thank God for the chance to take grad classes and get to know some older guys.)

I predict I will bawl like a child for a few days. I mean right now, not on graduation day. Lord knows how much a wreck I will be that day.

On a sunnier note, I debuted the new Ted Leo album today. Had a few good spins with Dave and Marc. Write-up of the album will come after a few more good listens.

I close with saying that is wonderful to have great friends who can objectively state good qualities about you without making it seem “loaded” or congratulatory. One friend remarked that I am the kind of guy she would marry, and another said I am the goofy guy who people like to be around. Little words like that are always appreciated. I would say “Oh, hyper-self-conscious, emotionally needy, post-adolescent pre-adult me” if I weren’t realizing the healthiness of accepting such compliments, so long as one doesn’t dwell on them. By the way, I’m also thinking about friendship because of reflections upon it in preparation for and discussion of it in Fr. McNellis’ Capstone seminar today. So, friends, thanks for willing good for me, in the form of utility, pleasure, or virtue, and making me aware of that goodwill.

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