observations from above

Something I’ve noticed the few times I’ve been high enough up on a tall building to see people down below from a “bird’s eye view” is how funny people look when they walk. No matter how fast one is walking, it always looks like one is putting way more effort into walking than he or she is getting out of it. When you see someone walking from directly above, you see how much the legs go forward and backwards without the torso going much of anywhere. It basically looks as if one is flailing one’s arms and legs while walking, even though one is walking normally. It’s just funny. It makes me think how, in a way, it’s sort of futile to walk at extremely fast speeds, like so many “city folk” (like me) do. Do you really get places much faster than if you walked at a normal pace? Isn’t it worth it to walk slowly to take in what is around you, to talk with the people you’re with… ok, I won’t go there.

PS  Ian, you could say these are observations from the “ivory tower,” but I’m not going to say it…

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