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The illustrious Herr Dr. Dr. Toni Werner Zender graced the foothills of Cleveland, OH with his presence this Easter weekend.

Toni mounts Cleveland's most famous 70's trash public art.

Toni, Max, and me in front of God's high school.

Jeff, me, and Toni after the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Dominic.

Stops on the Cleveland tour included the world-famous “Free Stamp” located near Cleveland’s waterfront; brief stops at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum and the Great Lakes Science Center; an exhaustive tour of the Jesuit Residence and St. Mary’s chapel at St. Ignatius High School; a less exhaustive but still enriching tour of Great Lakes Brewing Co.; a trek into the wild woods of the West Side Market; the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Dominic; the Cleveland Museum of Art; Chagrin Falls (complete with romantic sunset); the Grog Shop, featuring Love is All and Tyvek; and, finally, Little Italy. All in three days. Phew!

"This is where it all began, man..."

Yes, we were talking about girls the whole time. 0:-)

Many thanks to Herr Dr. Dr. for coming all the way “out west” to the humble lands of the Midwest, for partaking in the drinking of pop, helping me “get outta here, maaan,” and for asking me about my latest novel, how enemies became friends, friends became enemies, and the protagonist was richer for the experience.

Toni successfully uses the auto-timer on my camera. Props.

Taken at Lakeview Cemetery. Requiescat in pace.

Christos anesti! Easter greetings to you all!

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