The Cleveland Indians are in Boston for a four-game series. My hometown and childhood (not to mention current) favorite team has been doing relatively well for having dumped virtually all its veteran players over the past few weeks. The young bucks have been showing some good stuff. Great time to go catch a game, right?

Yes, Cleveland, it can get worse. It can.

Take a look at the video replay and tell me if this wasn’t a dirty move on the part of the Red Sox player…

Really? You’re barreling straight in to home plate to score, I understand, and your team is down, so you’re going to do everything you can to get the run, but still, do you REALLY need to collapse the entire weight of your body on the completely extended left leg of the catcher, even as he is looking away from you trying to catch the ball? Ok, the guy sliding into home is as much of a rookie as Santana is. So, rather than there being some sort of maliciousness here, instead the player is just stupid. Come on! Look out for your fellow rookie, man!

I will disclaim these statements noting that I am quite upset as I type these words… ask my roommate who sees me pacing back and forth in the apartment and throwing a book or two on the ground.

I will not add any disclaimer to the plain statement that the Boston Red Sox continue to be and to become more and more my least favorite team in all of sports, professional or amateur. Miami Heat, you’re second. You wish you could get close to the Red Sox, but you can’t.

The Curse reigns on…

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