thought of the day

Today, as I was opening up the Appleseed (otherwise known as the BC Campus Apple Store, perhaps the smallest Apple Store in existence), I remembered how my “associates” remarked how the steady influx of new products this summer has made the Seed seem “more like a store.” I thought this morning, “Why does more = better? Why wasn’t the Seed perfectly fine as a store before, when it didn’t have as many products to choose from? Is our cultural valuation of choice so high that the nature of a place as a store is significantly less clear when there are relatively few items to choose from, despite the fact that business transactions concerning consumer products, what is usually the basic criterion to call a specific location a “store”, had been occurring at that location for a year prior to the influx of new products?” (Yes, I actually thought that entire run-on sentence in one thought.)

Just a question, no answers yet. I’ve been too busy remodeling the blog to think all that much today.

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One Response to thought of the day

  1. Barrett says:

    Haha, quite the run-on sentence indeed.

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