a nearly perfect Sunday

Waking up early to pray Matins and Lauds. Watering the tomato plants at Bea house. A bike ride down to MIT for Holy Mass. Excellent preaching at said Mass (not to mention the Presence of our Lord). Copious chocolate cake donuts and fraternizing with CJ Hainley after Mass. Fruitful meeting for BASIC following the breaking the fast. A few moments of midday rest at St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine. A beautiful bike ride along the Charles River. Time well spent with good friends in Beacon Hill. Another long bike ride back up the Charles river, from all the way downtown to Galen street in Watertown. Grocery shopping at the Shaw’s over I-90, snagging 2.5 lbs. of pork for 5 bucks (plus a guy pointing out I left a dollar in the self-checkout lane). Evening prayer at a wonderfully lit St. Mary’s Chapel, plus another visit to the garden. Delicious dinner of pork chops and pasta. Looking forward to sharing a beer with a good friend to cap things off.

Although I DISCLAIM that, absolutely speaking, I am grateful for all the gifts of this day and every day, thus in a way making every day “perfect,” in a relative sense, the only way this day could have been better would be if I had a wife and a kid to come home to. Or my brothers in a religious house. Or something. You know, whichever. Vocational identity crisis (as it always seems to be for twenty-something young “serious” Catholics?).

Anyways, heck of a day. Deo gratias.

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