they just don’t get it…

Yet again… from SFLA:

“On July 4th, just one day after Joe Holland was arrested for praying on a public street in front of a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion facility, his friend, David Avignone, was arrested for the same supposed “violation.”

Tomorrow, August 13th, David will appear before a Chicago judge.

Thanks to your public pressure on Chicago Mayor John Daley, Joe Holland saw his charges dropped last Tuesday.

Michael, in order to make sure David’s charges are dropped as well, I need your help again today!

First, please call Chicago Mayor Richard Daley at 312-744-9500 and ask him to drop all charges against David Avignone and tell him Americans have the right to pray in public, even in front of abortion facilities! And if you live in or around Chicago, stop by his office to let him know the charges are unconstitutional!

Then, forward this email and our website,, to all of your contacts. Spread the message via your social network (Facebook/Twitter) using this sample message:

“Another prolifer arrested for praying in Chicago. Go to to see how you can help! #tcot #prolife #abolishabortion”

P.S. – Send David a “Thank You” note for his courageous stance. E-mail him at!”

Here’s a pertinent question: would either of these men have been arrested if they were minorities or women? How much of an outrage would have occurred if these two guys weren’t middle-class white males.

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