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This afternoon, Students for Life of America (SFLA) received a response from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Board of Governors.  This is in reaction to SFLA’s grassroots campaign against the new  forced student abortion health care policy at the University of North Carolina.

In response to this national controversy, the UNC System has announced that they will allow students opposed to abortion to “opt-out” of paying for abortion coverage. Go here to read the full statement.

Michael, this announcement shows the impact of our work. In the past 2 days, the UNC Board of Governors has received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls thanks to you. There have been multiple news articles written and radio shows hosted about our campaign.

It is because of you they are now changing their policy!

However, this is not a victory. The University of North Carolina System is still considering abortion to be “quality” heath care. And you and I both know that abortion is not health care neither for the preborn child or his mother.

Abortion should be removed from the UNC System completely!

In addition, Students for Life has identified another issue with this new policy that has yet to be addressed: Taxpayer Funded Abortion Coverage.

As you can see in the chart I have included above, we believe federal taxpayer money could be used to help pay for a UNC student’s abortion health care coverage. Let me explain this a little further:

  • Federal grant money (money that doesn’t have to be paid back like Pell Grants) is directed to accredited colleges and universities from U.S. taxpayers through the Federal Student Aid Program.
  • Student eligibility for federal grants is determined by the difference in the student’s ability to pay and the total “cost of attendance” for the school. This amount equals the student’s eligibility for federal funds.
  • As stated by the UNC System, the cost of their abortion health care plan, if the student chooses to keep abortion in their plan, is added to the student’s “cost of attendance” calculation.
  • This in turn, increases the student’s need for federal funds.
  • Because of this increase in need, additional federal funds can be directed to the student in order to help cover this increase in cost.This, my friend, is using federal taxpayer money to pay for abortion health care.

I hope you are concerned as I am about the remaining abortion coverage in the UNC System student health care plan as well as the possibility that you and I may be funding these abortions.

If you haven’t already, please go to our No Abortion in Health Care Website and sign our petition and e-mail the Chairman of the North Carolina Board of Governors to express your outrage. If you have already signed our petition, please continue to check back with our website every day to getthe latest information about this effort and how you stay involved.

Thank you for continuing to stand with Students for Life in this fight.”

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3 Responses to update on UNC

  1. Ben Martin says:

    Hey, Mike.

    I received this email too. I was slightly upset by it however.

    The word “outrage” appears in the full email several times. “Outrage” seems to be the dominant force in political discourse today, at least as it is reported by the liberal establishment (oxymoron?). It must be: today one can find elements of our culture, most prominent in the modern left, that reject the use of reason as cold, calculating, and inhuman; and appeals to authority as a way of the past. Thus we are left with emotion as our primary source of persuasion. Furthermore, both reason and appeals to tradition have come to be seen as intolerant, whereas emotion completely accepting, liberating. Therefore, in a society that puts tolerance on a pedestal, political action takes place not when a good argument is made or someone demonstrates that we ought to do such and such because it is a way that has been tried and found worthy in the past, but when someone is offended.

    Returning the the SLFA email, I was disappointed because I felt like rather than attempting to be reasonable, humble, and deliberate in their rhetoric, the rally cry sounds very similar to that of the modern left. Our use of strong emotion can obscure what is most valuable about the ProLife cause, that it is simultaneously rooted in tradition, in reason, and in our deepest emotions, our love for our fellow man, our commitment to lives of self-sacrificing service, and our love of and service for Christ.

  2. Michael Williams says:


    For the most part, I agree with you. Really my motivation for posting these emails was to make people (all five or six who read this blog) aware of the situation going on, and to post the links to the petition/the contact info for NC (and Chicago, for the other situation) without having to do much work. More a display of sloth on my part than agreeing with their rhetoric!

    I completely agree with you that mere appeal to emotion is not good, and that using overblown speech often riles things up more than solving problems. We saw the outcome of that in Europe of the 30’s. If only the political establishment used a little bit of good old reason/critical thinking, yes, we’d be in a much better situation right now.

    At the same time, I’m torn. Call me a pragmatist, but maybe the appeal to emotion is just the best way to get things done quickly, to get people to break the inertia, in today’s sound byte society. Then again, maybe we’re just making things worse by furthering this cursory and shallow means of communicating ideas. A topic for further discussion… might see a blog post about it in the near future!


  3. Ben Martin says:

    Excellent! I’ll look forward to it.

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