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As, by God’s grace, I continue to grow in the faith and mature as a man, I’ve found certain aspects of life and the phenomena I encounter in it have become more and more rich with meaning. I suppose experience usually does this to ya.

One of these phenomena is the word “alleluia.” Although I honestly don’t really care for how it is put into practice (read: I don’t like cheesy renditions of the alleluia verse at Mass) these days, the simple word itself, especially when I pray it in the Office, has become more and more mysterious, meaningful, and simply chock full of utter joy. For example, during the Easter season, when the word appears in pretty much every antiphon at every hour of the Office, I simply feel uplifted, like I really am praising the Lord right in union with the angels and the saints (which in fact, by grace, I am, at least at the Mass, if not also during personal prayer). And it’s simply the addition of “alleluia” that makes this happen.

There really isn’t anything like this word. Amazing how much meaning can be put into one untranslatable word. Gotta be something divinely inspired there.

So let’s rejoice this Sunday and every Sunday, employing this mysterious, joyful (in the most proper sense of the term) word in abundance.

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