deo gratias

Thanks be to God for raising two men to the rank of the episcopate this afternoon at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in downtown Boston.

Archbishop Sean Cardinal O’Malley consecrated Fr. Arthur Kennedy and Fr. Peter Uglietto auxiliary bishops of the Archdiocese of Boston on this solemn feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. (The two are also, of course, titular bishops of random places in now defunct/suppressed dioceses. Gotta love that tradition.) The Mass was wonderful. Might I say, outside the minor elevation, which is always my favorite (especially with the Cardinal celebrating), my favorite part of the Mass was the singing of Credo III. Ok, the whole episcopal consecration thing was pretty cool, too. Thanks to Fr. Dan Hennessy for the ins.

Congrats to these two men for their devotion and service to Holy Mother Church over the years. Let’s pray for them as they bear this new cross.

Also, cheers to having a “Lonerganian” (I cringe using the term) in the episcopate (Bishop Kennedy). Can I get an Aeterni patris II please? (JUST KIDDING. Maybe.)

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One Response to deo gratias

  1. James P. Cahill says:

    Titular dioceses are the best. Sometimes, when a bishop gets really wacky, the Pope makes them a titular bishop. In 1995 JPII made some French guy, Jacques Gaillot, a titular bishop of somewhere in the Sahara Desert. Ouch.

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