reasonable, i think

Tidbit of the day…

Along with my relative happiness at Raymond Burke being made Cardinal, this article should end my friendship with James P. Cahill. Am I right, James? 😉

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5 Responses to reasonable, i think

  1. James P. Cahill says:

    On Burke, see my email or this.!/notes/james-p-cahill/on-raymond-cardinal-burke/457012152527

    I’ll get back to you on the male only liturgy thing. I can only write so much at once. All I can say is that if you made this argument to my sister she might literally slap you in the face, or at the very least give you the Mary Kathleen Cahill death stare.

  2. James P. Cahill says:

    Also Michael, you need to do a lot more than this to lose my friendship.

  3. Michael Williams says:

    Yes, the comment about a lost friendship was a joke.

    Funny that you mention Mary Kate. I actually thought about her getting angry as I posted this link. Anyways, it’s not a male only liturgy, just only in the sanctuary. How pre-VII of you to consider the liturgy only happening amongst those at the altar! 0:)

  4. Jeff Moore says:


    First, I am digging that fact that you have a blog. I may even RSS it.

    Second, unlike Mr. Cahill, there are very few things you have to do to lose my friendship, and most of them are already being done by the visual elements of this website. My suggestions for improvement: 1) do not tile pictures to create a background; 2) do not tile visually complex pictures to make a background. It is difficult to read text or focus on another image on top of an image with many different colors and textures; 3) Make your headings a different color. Gray is difficult to read, especially on the background image.

    Anyway, thanks for linking from the BASIC Facebook group. Otherwise, I would never have found this.



    • Michael Williams says:

      Yes, Jeffery, I realize that the layout of the blog could be distracting to the eyes. Due to the title of the blog I’ve done everything I can to include a picture of said mountain. I actually haven’t found the text/background picture to be terribly distracting – and that what it’s about, right? Me reading my own blog? 🙂 WordPress seems to be restrictive with its options. I couldn’t find a way to change the color of the fonts without changing to a new format, which I might do anyways to increase readability.

      The short of it: I don’t really value your friendship anyways, so I’m probably going to keep the blog the same.

      JUST KIDDING! Hope all is well out west.

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