trip #1 of the fall

In half an hour I will board my plane for Baltimore. There I will reside at the St. Ignatius church rectory for the night, work on my Plato paper, and visit my sister at Loyola Maryland. Tomorrow evening I will travel to DC to stay with John Paul and make merriment with him and Steph until Monday morning.

Naturally Dad scared me into leaving for the airport far earlier than I really needed to. Better safe than sorry, yes, but I’ve been on the airport grounds since 1:50, and it took a grand total of roughly 4 minutes to get through security. (No hard feelings, Dad. Seriously… sarcasm is difficult to detect on the internet.) The expedient swing through security allowed me time to purchase and consume (purchase and consume, purchase and consume…) a very lukewarm “Smokehouse” burger from Johnny Rocket’s (can’t figure out why it was called a smokehouse burger – because of the onion rings on it?). Now I await the impending call to board the plane, where I shall continue delving into Jean-Yves Lacoste’s Experience and the Absolute, followed up by a dose of St. Augustine’s Commentary on the Literal Interpretation of Genesis.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for a safe flight!

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