classical education

A good friend sent me this link:

For all intents and purposes this school model looks excellent. Let me emphasize that this seems not to be merely “going back to the past” but, like with HH BXVI’s freeing-up of the Extraordinary Form, seems to be bringing the past into the present for the sake of making the path into the future more clear. Just as the celebration of the OF has been in shambles the past 40 years, so has Catholic education at the primary level (I assume this is true from what I’ve read; it was basically true for me in my K-8 years of grade school, as much as I loved it). I hope that St. Jerome has a rich liturgical life to complement the richness of its educational curriculum. No better way show Christ at the heart of history, of creation, of existence than in a beautiful liturgy.

As one woman in the article expressed herself, the fact that so many different yet disparate factors were collaborative in bringing forth this school is a sign that the HS is working for it. Maybe we need more of this to figure out the future of Catholic education at the primary level. (Maybe this is the future of Catholic education at the primary level.)

Also, maybe Ms. Weitzel-O’Neill, now at my beloved Boston College, can help out with our own situation at the post-secondary level. 🙂  I guess she is the director of the new center for Catholic Education through the Lynch School. Me likey.

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