BXVI on suffering

HH BVXI offers a beautiful reflection on suffering: http://www.zenit.org/rssenglish-31286

Suffering makes no sense unless in the light of the Cross, of love. That’s pretty much it right there. The Cross is “God’s ‘yes’ to mankind.” In our particular sufferings, we are invited in a special way to share in God’s yes, in love. Mysterious. Maybe impossible to understand, really, especially when we’re in the midst of suffering ourselves. Yet it’s the only thing that gives suffering and death any dignity or meaning at all.

Contemplate the Face, and it all makes sense.

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One Response to BXVI on suffering

  1. Wade Bass says:

    I just found out about zenit.com the other day. Does it have your stamp of approval? I don’t really know too much about it and wanted to ask somebody else. This is me doing that.

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