BXVI on conversions

BXVI’s Christmas address to the Curia: http://www.zenit.org/rssenglish-31289

What I found most interesting was the concluding section, on Newman. BXVI outlines Newman’s threefold conversion: intellectual, moral and religious. The key to his intellectual conversion was the realization that what is “most” real is not the “already-out-there-now” of matter but intelligible, spiritual reality, God and the soul. This fundamental point allowed for the moral and religious conversion. The empiricist (which is what most people are these days) does not see the moral and religious realms as objective because there is no “already-out-there-now” and therefore nothing really real in those realms; the intellectualist sees them as objective because he realizes that what is “really real” is not the AOTN of matter but intelligence, spirit. Note that these fundamental conversions led him to the ultimate conversion to the Catholic faith. Interesting.

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