tweet tweet

It will probably come as no surprise to many of you that, with my return to Facebook a few months ago after a 3 year hiatus, and with the explosion of this blog, I’ve also created a Twitter account. If you go, why not go all the way… ok, totally does not apply to everything, but here it does. Does it? Ah, my questioning mind.

My Twitter account is @Kingcrrtflwrs. Follow me, I’ll follow you, it’ll be grrrreeeaaat. It’s sort of like lemmings… follow me! Or maybe Jesus? I dunno. You pick.

Anyways, by following me on Twitter, you can 1. get live updates from the Cavaliers’ 15 game and counting loss streak, 2. see my spontaneous outbursts of glee about being back in the Midwest, 3. know where I am at certain times… sorta creepy…, and, most importantly, 4. boost my ego more than it’s already boosted by reading about my everyday activities.

Let the social network media revolution commence!

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