cat’s eyes

Stumbled upon this story perusing Pitchfork news feed today. Cat’s Eyes performing at St. Peter’s basilica. Meow.

Being a Catholic geek I had to check the video out. Although I have little knowledge of the current music tastes at St. Peter’s, I have a feeling this was a little out of the ordinary. Still, since the song is quite ethereal, I could see it working as a communion meditation, which would make sense since that’s what is seen happening in the video. Of course, I didn’t really catch the lyrics, and so it could be completely sarcastic. Also, this video could be completely made up. To be perfectly honest, with the way video editing is these days, I have no idea and can’t think of a way to tell.

In any case, it’s actually a nice sounding song (maybe a bit boring), and it’s cool that it involves the Big House in some way. Good to see a match between beautiful expansive music and beautiful expansive architecture. I’m giving it a positive interpretation.

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