Christian artists

While on my recent AD kick, I ran into this lovely tidbit of information on Tony Hale, who plays Buster: “While in New York, Hale helped found The Haven, an artistically minded community of Christians that meets weekly.” This is from Hale’s wikipedia entry. Buster just got a few extra points in my book. Here’s an article written on the group.

Glad to see that there’s a group of artists, even semi-successful artists, keeping the faith and indeed trying to make Christ present in the culture through their art. The leaven of the Christian faith is needed everywhere, perhaps especially in the media and visual arts. Props to these fellows for their courage.

This gives me an opportunity to bump the best Christian musical artist out there right now, Josh Garrels. The man has a new album in the works, methinks out sometime this year. Pick it up. It’s the least cheesy Christian music I’ve ever heard, by far. Read: it is not cheesy. In fact, it’s better than most indie rock I listen to. Which means it’s amongst the best music I listen to. So, in short, I like it as much for the music itself as for the Christian themes. Ok, I’m done.

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