Life is so full of mystery. That mystery is seemingly most often expressed in suffering – i.e., how could a universe created by a beneficent and loving God allow for suffering of just and innocent, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers on their recent 26-game losing streak.

Sometimes that mystery is expressed in unexpected glory, such as the tonight’s 104-99 Cavalier victory over the… Los Angeles Lakers.

No, we didn’t play the Clippers again. That was correct. The hapless Cavs took down the Kobe and the rest of the defending champs tonight. Apparently Cleveland has LA’s number. It had it’s weather today (sunny and mid 50’s, which I wager

I read in the Plain Dealer yesterday or the day before that Byron Scott finally admitted he didn’t understand his team, after they had lost to the then road-winless Wizards after beating the Clippers an eve or two before. I imagine Byron is even more confused tonight. If you can’t tell, I am too.

Might I remind you this team beat Cleveland by fifty-five points earlier this season!

In any case, mystery is not a time for ingratitude, and so I am more than happy the Cavs pulled this one off. Any more games against the Heat this season?

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