For those of you who don’t know, ZENIT is an online publication that reports on Catholic news stories from Rome and around the world. More importantly, it publishes texts of the Holy Father and other high ranking Church officials shortly after they are made (i.e., an English translation of the Pope’s weekly Wednesday audience will usually be available later that same day).

ZENIT is fundraising right now, and since I get about a 50,000 emails from them every other day about it, I figured it might be a good idea to spread the word that they need money (plenty of it – they’re only halfway toward their goal), so that they can get to their goal and stop emailing me already. In seriousness, though, ZENIT is a great free service and deserves a donation, no matter how small. Every bit helps. Read below to see how you can help.

Dear American Friends of ZENIT:

ZENIT’s 2011 fund-raising campaign is coming to an end and it needs an additional boost to reach its goal of $400,000 for the English-language edition.

The support of our U.S. readers is key to the success of the campaign, since many of our subscribers live in developing countries and cannot afford to contribute financially.

This can be clearly seen on the donations map that we’ve published at:


Without the cooperation of people from many nations, a significant number of our readers could never have access to ZENIT. The Pope does not cease to repeat that solidarity is vital in facing the economic crisis and overcoming poverty. Solidarity is also vital for spreading the Gospel message to the entire world.

There are 120,000 private subscribers by email to the English edition. That means our goal works out to $3.33 per subscriber.

A donation of $50 would enable 15 readers to benefit from our services.

You can send the donation by credit card, through our secured system, at:


Or, you can mail a check, made out to ZENIT, to:

3719 Old Alabama Rd. Suite 300-G #43
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 – USA

Donations to ZENIT from the United States are tax deductible. For more information on tax exemptions, see:


On behalf of ZENIT and our readers, we express our heart-felt gratitude for your generosity.

Best wishes,

ZENIT’s English Edition

To follow the progress of the fund-raising campaign:

To see the annual budget:

Testimonies from ZENIT readers appears at:

ZENIT depends on you!
To send your donation, see:

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