Oscar II

It’s been over a month – perhaps upwards of one and a half – since Oscar, the AVs’ beloved “labrabull,” cute-d his way into the rooms of Rutilio Grande. The pup has grown many pounds and inches since his arrival. His personality has grown too. When he arrived, he was mostly silent, though certainly roly-poly, playful, and active. This past week, Oscar seems to have learned how to speak all of a sudden, constantly whining at us when he is in his cage, yipping and shrieking when he is romping around the living room, and today for the first time, even growling protectively at random passers-by the Rutilio house!

Being a puppy, he tends to get into his share of trouble, mainly by occasionally refusing to let us know he needs to do his business outside before doing it in, and by ceaselessly nipping at and jumping on us to encourage playtime. Nothing that a good old fashioned walk and/or romp around the parents’ backyard can’t cure, though.

The beast is also a bottomless pit when it comes to food and drink. Not surprisingly, meal time seems to be Oscar’s favorite moment of the day. When I release him from his cage first thing in the morning, Oscar literally jumps in the air for joy, knowing that he is about to be fed. The excitement is insatiable, as is his appetite – Oscar now blows through a good two cups of dog food in the span of a few wee minutes. Not that his masters are much better than him!

Over Thanksgiving break, Oscar had his first field trip, making the very-exciting car ride up to Shaker Heights and the Williams parental household. Amazingly, the pup was extremely well behaved the whole visit, even during turkey time on Thursday! Surely a good romp around in the backyard, on the backyard chain of the late Buttons (the old family dog), helped expend the energy necessary to bring him to good behavior.

I will post some pictures of the pup this evening, giving a comparison of Oscar at 2.5 months and Oscar at about 4 months. I’m thinking this guy is going to get pretty big, pretty soon. I hope so; he does have the memory of Spud to live up to!

About Michael Williams

Ardent greater Clevelander. Brewing industry laborer. Future Theology teacher. Truth seeker. Beloved adopted son of the Father thru JC in the Spirit.
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  1. pw says:

    We want Oscar pictures!

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