Football State Title

As I am sure everybody in the St. Ignatius community knows by now, the 2011 Wildcat football team did the unexpected and took home the state title. I’m lucky to have been along for the ride as a staff member, living up the exciting 48 minutes every Saturday night for the past few months with the people I work with. We had a core group of myself,  math teacher Mark Kaiser, and fellow alums such as Dave Srsen and Sam Knezevic in our group for each of these games. It was a joy to share so many exciting moments with my brothers from the class of 2006. It’s still a little bit unbelievable that it all happened. How blessed I am that we put together such an amazing and unexpected title run during my year of service to the school.

Here’s a picture of the ’06 crew in attendance at the title game Saturday night:

Back: Adam Milavec, Mark Kaiser, Dave Srsen. Front: Joe Wingenfeld, your humble (and foolish looking) servant. 😉

There have already been countless write ups about the game, so I don’t need to say anything more about it here. I will say I was impressed with the huge turnout that the St. Ignatius fans, especially the student section, made for this game. True, Ignatius is an hour closer to Canton than Pickerington is, but the blue and gold outweighed purple by quite a bit at this game. Cheers especially to the students, who had already filled up their section two-thirds of the way an hour before the game. They truly responded to the call made to them to become better fans before the playoffs. I’m sure the team was only helped by this fan support.

As one friend pointed out, we have 11 in 11. Now, after a good rest, it’s time to start thinking about 12 in 12. How nice it would be to keep this number thing going…

The team gathering near the student section for the alma mater.

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