An ovation

Much to my chagrin, I have missed the past two weeks of theology classes due to a lingering nasty cough. So as to not disrupt class with my violent wheezes, and in order to get better, I have been sticking to my main duties, leaving the fun stuff on the side. Late last week, I heard word from my 8th period mentor, Tom Healey, and some of his students themselves that they were curious of my whereabouts and asking about them in class. I also ran into a few of Pat Gilday’s students at the freshman mixer on Friday, and they too inquired about my health and location the past seven class days.

Thankfully, I’m finally getting truly better, and so I was able to return to the classroom today. I was touched, though not entirely surprised, to be greeted by a round of applause as I entered Mr. Gilday’s 7th period classroom today. The ovation did not phase me because of any merit of mine, of course – I’ve only been sitting in on these classes taking notes for about a month. Rather, I expected this welcome because I was a student not too long ago myself, and I remember very fondly the great love I and my friends had for the teachers and staff members of the school.

The students at this school are truly something special – just look at the list of accomplishments Principal Corrigan listed at today’s rally. What one of their greatest achievements is must be their true sense of community, of brotherhood, that is fostered by the adults at this school and certainly includes them. At how many others schools would the freshman be excited to see the return of a nearly random stranger in their classroom? How many students at other schools are excited about many of their teachers at all? Not to be drinking the Ignatius magic Kool-Aid too deeply here, but I really do think overall the enthusiasm for the teachers as it is at Ignatius is a not-so-common phenomenon.

I’m glad to see not much has changed in the past nine years since I myself was a freshman.     Years in passing…

About Michael Williams

Ardent greater Clevelander. Brewing industry laborer. Future Theology teacher. Truth seeker. Beloved adopted son of the Father thru JC in the Spirit.
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