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Addicted to Labre

I’ve become a Labre “junkie” of late. At the beginning of the year, I had the pious thought that I would make Labre a weekly thing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Of course, my motivation for doing Labre … Continue reading

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Forays into Theology of the Body: Prologue

I have, thus far in my philosophical career and Catholic life, managed to avoid reading any of Bl. JPII’s Theology of the Body series, as well as his book Love and Responsibility. Being interested in teaching theology, period, especially to … Continue reading

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The most badass commencement address I’ve ever heard

Two weekends ago, my brother Jeff graduated from St. Vincent College (congrats again, dude. Hope you read my blog – a Facebook comment, or lack thereof, on this post will be telling). Apparently a few years ago, St. Vincent landed … Continue reading

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Osama & Divine Mercy

Yes, this last weekend of April/first weekend of May was indeed jam-packed. Royal wedding on Friday, Beatification of a late Pope Sunday morning, and the death of the world’s leading terrorist on Sunday evening. Unsurprisingly, the event that seemed to … Continue reading

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Solemnities on Fridays (Lent, or otherwise) (More Canon Law fun)

A few days ago, I mused about whether or not it is appropriate for one to take a respite from one’s Lenten fast on Sundays. The most fair answer, as far as I could see it, was that although one … Continue reading

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