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A Brief Christological & Ecclesiological Reflection

As I promised in my last post (though a day later than originally stated), here’s the reflection I was satisfied enough with to post on this blog. This reflection was the final writing assignment for the first week of one … Continue reading

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Alumni Volunteer Winter Retreat

Oddly enough, one thing that the Alumni Discernment and Volunteer Program did not feature until this year was a retreat for the young men in service to the school. A retreat would allow the young men in the program to … Continue reading

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Advent’s Consummation

As evening falls here in Shaker Heights, the last moments of Advent fade away with the daylight and the coming of the Light of Christmas begins. While I lounge lazily in my pajamas watching football all day, my mind wanders … Continue reading

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An ovation

Much to my chagrin, I have missed the past two weeks of theology classes due to a lingering nasty cough. So as to not disrupt class with my violent wheezes, and in order to get better, I have been sticking … Continue reading

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Happy (liturgical) New Year! Start donning those royal purples and practicing your Aramaic exhortations – the Advent season is upon us once again. Of course, much more important than the season’s liturgical color or meditating on “maranatha” is to do what … Continue reading

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